Top Notch Landscaping

We want to provide some common questions people have regarding Top Notch Landscaping and the services we provide. If you have a question that you don’t see here, please send it to us with the brief form below.

Q: What preventive maintenance can I take in the Spring to prevent crabgrass?

A: Crabgrass generally appears in late May, so earlier in the Spring apply a pre-emergent herbicide.

Q: What is the difference between garden mulch and compost?

A: Compost gets worked into the soil to make it more fertile, while mulch sits atop the soil to suppress weeds and retain moisture.

Q: A tree I planted hasn’t grown in 2 years...what’s the problem?

A: Typically your soil is largely made up of clay, resulting in compaction, and preventing the root system from reaching nutrient rich soil.

Q: I noticed you install Unilock products. Are they guaranteed?

A: Unilock products carry a lifetime guarantee! Additionally, Top Notch will guarantee our workmanship for two years.

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