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Hardscape Restoration

Interlocking concrete pavers have long been an excellent choice for the foundation of new, elegant outdoor spaces. With an ever increasing variety of colors, shapes, styles, and textures, there is little doubt that the number one criteria homeowners consider when selecting a decorative paving material is its aesthetic appeal.

However, as with any decorative exterior pavement, these decorative materials are exposed to weather and staining which, over time, can lead to fading, discoloration and deterioration. The once treasured aesthetic appeal of pavers becomes tarnished by harsh weather conditions and stains from motor oil, barbeque grease, fertilizer, tire marks and paint drippings. This is why Top Notch  recommends the multi-step application of a quality restoration to protect and enhance the aesthetic valves and integrity of the paving project.

A quality brick paver restoration allows pavers to dry quickly after a rainfall and guards against erosion of the surface color or “fading” that occurs over time. It also prevents oil, grease and other stains from penetrating the paving material while enhancing its beauty and making maintenance easier.

Cleaning Process
Top Notch  utilizes state of the art cleaning equipment and the Top Notch Restoration System: a line of professional grade cleaners developed for the care and maintenance of brick pavers. No matter what the condition of your pavers, restoration cleaning will make them look new again.

  • Removes efflorescence and ground-in dirt
  • Removes motor oil and other greasy stains
  • Removes most rust stains
  • Removes and remediates weeds, grass, moss, and other growth

Polymeric Sand
Polymeric Sand is a unique mixture of polymer binders and calibrated sand, available in tan and grey. Once the polymeric sand sets, it becomes very firm and locks between the paver joints.

This firm bond maintains pavers securely in place, being equally effective on both horizontal and sloped surfaces. It also withstands erosion due to climatic conditions, such as wind, rain, and freezing temperatures. This elasticity ensures that the paver joints avoid cracking and are properly filled at all times. Thus, it will also help prevent insect penetration and weed sprouting.

  • Helps prevent water erosion (stabilizes pavers)
  • Helps prevent weed sprouting
  • Helps prevent damages caused by insects
  • More beautiful aesthetic than standard sand

To protect brick pavers from staining and enhance the natural color and appearance, we use only GST® (Global Sealer Technologies) sealers. These professional grade sealers won't build up, turn hazy, peel or flake over time like most sealers. GST® sealers are designed to soak into the brick and create a look that enhances the natural color of the pavers. It creates a surface barrier against stains that is easy to clean. Simply wash dirt and stains off the surface with a spray nozzle. GST® sealers create a barrier against the sun's UV rays, which fade and dull the appearance of pavers over time.

  • Will enhance the color of your pavers with a rich look
  • Helps prevent paver fading from harmful UV rays
  • Protects against oil, water, and dirt
  • Reduces moss growth
  • Makes surface easier to clean

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